August 27, 2014

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September declared "Bourbon Heritage Month"

Toasting the global resurgence in Kentucky’s signature Bourbon industry, Gov. Steve Beshear and the state legislature declared that September will be honored as “Bourbon Heritage Month” in the commonwealth.

It was the first time that the Kentucky Senate and House of Representatives, meeting in special session this week, made the declaration. This is the sixth consecutive year that Gov. Beshear has set aside September for celebrating Kentucky as the birthplace of Bourbon.

“The continued success of our legendary Bourbon industry is benefitting all Kentuckians through the creation of jobs and hundreds of millions in new investment,” Gov. Beshear said. “It’s also one of our most recognized exports, which keeps us competitive in the global marketplace.

“Kentucky is the one, true and authentic home for America’s only native spirit. It is a privilege once again to raise a glass and proclaim September ‘Bourbon Heritage Month’ as we toast our timeless craft.”

Sen. Jimmy Higdon, whose district includes Heaven Hill, Willett, Maker’s Mark and Limestone Branch distilleries, cheered the industry for filling one million barrels of Bourbon in 2012, the first time that milestone has been reached since 1973.