August 30, 2014

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History of Pendleton County: Notes Collected But Not Classified

This history of Pendleton County was written by Emma McClanahan Thompson in 1934 and was printed in several editions of The Falmouth Outlook beginning July 5, 1988.

The Falmouth Woolen Mills.established in 1866 by Joshua Woodhead, employed home labor and was known for the excellence of its products. Joseph Woodhead's father, who learned the woolen goods trade in the Queenland of England, spent periods of time after coming to America following his trade at Lowell, Mass., Utica , New York and Columbus, Ohio. His son, Joseph, conducted the business after his father's death in 1887. The product of the mill consisted principally of blankets, jeans, flannels and yarns. Both Joshua Woodhead and his son were noted for their staunch character, honor and strict business integrity. Joseph Woodhead was public-spirited, progressive and especially took an active interest in the local educational affairs, being partially responsible for the present excellent public school facilities and system. He was one of the town councilmen for more than 30 years and rendered great service to his town. He too has died. The mill has ceased to exist but the old residents still proudly display blanket which were made in the mill.