August 30, 2014

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Billy Graham’s New Suit

The following story was sent to me by Glen Hardy who resides in a condominium near NKU. I had read it before several years past, but as I reread it, I thought our readers would be interested; particularly the walking wounded who spend much of our time visiting physicians and hospitals and juggling our medicines.

Billy Graham was born in Charlotte, N. C., in 1918 and preached to over 200 million persons as an evangelist in a ministry that spanned decades. He was known as our presidents’ minister and three of those living attended the dedication of his Library and Museum in Charlotte on May 31, 2007. George Beverly Shea, his famed singer in most of the Billy Graham Crusades, died this year on April 17 at the age of 104.

Interestingly, there has never been a hint of a scandal of anything touching Billy Graham; rather remarkable in our day!

In January, 2007, leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina, invited their favorite son, Billy Graham, to a luncheon in his honor.

Billy initially hesitated to accept the invitation because he struggled with Parkinson's disease. But the Charlotte leaders said, 'We don't expect a major address. Just come and let us honor you.' So he agreed.