September 2, 2014

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Get crafty with an easy fall paper-leaf wreath decoration Print E-mail

Create a beautiful paper holiday wreath inspired by autumn leaves. A pair of pinecones attached to a bow makes a charming accent.


• Leaf Template

• newspaper

• 20- and 24-gauge wire

• Pipe cleaners

• Glue gun

• Craft glue

• Wire cutters

• Ribbon

• Pinecones

• Drill


• Step 1 -  Trace leaf template onto papers and cut out.

• Step 2 - Cut 5-inch strips of the 24-gauge wire.

• Step 3 - Attach the wire onto the paper with glue gun. Then, using the craft glue, apply all over the leaves. Place another leaf on top like a sandwich.

• Step 4 - When all leaves are glued and dried, cluster three together and twist the ends of the wires together to secure.

• Step 5 - When all the clusters are done, cut a 47-inch length of the 20-gauge wire and fold in half, twisting together. When done, it should be shaped like a horseshoe, and will serve as your base.

• Step 6 - Starting at one end, wrap pipe cleaners around until all wire is covered.

• Step 7 - Take a cluster of leaves and start one inch from the middle. Attach the first cluster by wrapping the wires around the base until secured. Snip off excess wire.

• Step 8 - Keep adding clusters every few inches or so until it starts to take on the form of a wreath. When one side is done, repeat on other side.

• Step 9 - Drill holes in the pinecones; add a piece of wire, and twist together until pinecones are secured. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the sides of the pinecones to make them stay together, then place them in the small space left at the top of your wreath.

• Step 10 - Tie the ribbon. (We suggest using wired ribbon, which can be shaped. You can also coffee-stain and burn ribbon to create an aged effect.) Poke an 8-inch piece of 20-gauge wire through the back of the ribbon and bring the ends of the wire together, twisting a few times to secure. Then place on top of wreath above pinecones, twisting again to secure. Make your loop.

• Step 11 - Shape your wreath and position your leaves. If you have any extra leaves, add them where needed to fill in the wreath.