August 21, 2014

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Homemakers gearing up for new year

By Monica Yeamans, Extension Homemakers Reporter

The Pendleton County Extension Homemakers are preparing for another busy year. “Homemaker’s on the Move” for incoming club presidents and all county officers and chairmen will take place on Thursday, August 22. At that meeting officers will learn the seven lessons to be offered during the year and will receive new materials for each club member.

The Extension Homemakers organization is made up of a diverse group of individuals with many different ages, interests and talents in this ever-changing, ever-shrinking world. They strive to learn more efficient and effective skills to help in daily life through methods of researched-based information passed on by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service and by the Kentucky State University. As volunteers they network with local agencies and give of themselbto enrich our lives and that of our families, friends, neighbors and community.