September 1, 2014

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Dead livestock removal for Pendleton Co. landowners Print E-mail

The Pendleton County Conservation District continues the Dead Livestock Removal Program for the 15th year as a service to the landowners/producers of Pendleton County.
However, the rules and regulations have changed so be aware of the changes and prepare to abide by them! The new rules are: there will be a limit of five (5) total head "this includes mixed or all one species) to the same name/address without any questions. After that the Pendleton County Animal Control person will be asked to check for neglect or natural causes of death. If natural causes there can be an additional two (2) pickups for a total of seven in one fiscal year. This fiscal year will be July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. Any natural disaster will be reviewed by the Conservation District Board of Supervisors.

When you have a dead animal (cow, horse, hog or sheep) contact the Harmon Dead Livestock Pickup Service at 859-567-2111 within 24 hours, give them good directions to your pickup (a paved or hard surface for easy loading). Also give them a phone number where you can be reached. Harmon's Dead Livestock will bill the Conservative District for the full amount charged, no out of pocket cost to you!

This service is made possible through a grant from the Kentucky Division of Conservation State Cost Share Environmental Grant and a budgeted item of the Pendleton County Conservation District. The Pendleton County Fiscal Court supports this program and encourages landowner/producers of Pendleton County (only) to use this program.

Kentucky law regulates the proper disposal methods for dead livestock. Disposing of dead animals properly can also help control coyote and other predator problems. Leaving carcasses in pastures or open pits not only encourages coyotes to associate livestock with food, but also causes coyotes and other predators to congregate near farms and homes.

Water quality plans concerns can also be properly addressed using approved methods of disposal. This will help ensure the protection of surface and ground water in Pendleton County.

For more information please call the Pendleton County Conservation District at 859-654-3376, ext. 3 or stop by our office at 814 US 27 South, Falmouth.

All programs and services are offered on a non-discriminating basis.