July 23, 2014

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A local's views on the Bluegrass Pipeline project

Dear Editor,

Regarding the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline project, while the “open house” meetings that the developer is holding may be open, they do not provide a landowner with a very balanced view of the project. They are happy to talk pleasantly about how they have 24/7 “state-of-the-art pipeline control centers” in Colorado and Louisiana, but they are more reluctant to explain how earlier this year, even with that level of monitoring a leak from a valve can go undetected in Parachute, CO for days on end, leaking toxic benzene into a nearby creek until it was found purely by accident. They say that their pipelines are constructed to “meet or exceed both federal and industry-wide standards”, but they cannot give specifics on how they go about cleaning up contaminated earth and groundwater if a leak occurs.  And they do occur with alarming frequency all across the US.