August 23, 2014

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Is the Pipeline potential danger to land owners? Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

If you own any property in Pendleton County, beware:  the Williams Company is looking for some prime property to run their potentially highly flammable gas pipeline through.  They have a history of safety violations and pipeline leaks, some of which have resulted in the loss of life. They want to give you approximately $2,400 in order to get a fifty-foot easement for life across your property.

Because they are a private company, not a public utility, you will gain no benefit, like being able to tap into their gas; you only get the danger and possible pollution if the gas leaks or the pipe cracks.  Who will inspect these lines and keep you safe? Not the government, because it's a private line.  You have to trust the company will keep it inspected and safe. Think twice before you allow their surveyors on your land:  if your safety and that of your family and neighbors is worth more than $2,400, tell them to leave. Once these pipelines get a toehold in our area, it will be the beginning of the end for clean water (it will run under both the Licking and Ohio rivers, our drinking water sources), safe air (particles that escape during a leak can be hazardous to breathe), and drinking sources for cattle and other farm stock.

Sean Detisch