August 20, 2014

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The story of "Old Jack" - the faithful dog of Seldon McMillian's family

Seldon McMillian and his two brothers played with "Old Jack" about 1913.

By Seldon McMillian

(Taken from the August 16, 1988 edition of The Falmouth Outlook.)

I have been looking at a picture I have here of me and my two brothers and our two dogs taken sometime between seventy and seventy-five years ago.

I want to write a little story that happened about the time this picture was taken.

My parents lived on a little farm between Gardnersville and Knoxville in Pendleton Co. at a place called Jagg which was not even a wide place in the road. The only way you knew you were at Jagg was by the church house and the little one room school. My daddy helped build both of them.