August 28, 2014

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A note from Bluegrass Pipeline about proposed project

(This letter from Bluegrass Pipeline was received in The Falmouth Outlook office at 2:44 p.m., August 5th as the paper was preparing to go to press.)

A note from Bluegrass Pipeline:

We know you have probably heard about the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline, a joint project by Williams and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP, two of the nation’s leading energy infrastructure companies.  Boardwalk is the parent of Texas Gas Transmission, LLC a natural gas pipeline that has been operating in Kentucky for many years.  As the leaders of this project, we are happy to discuss some of the many benefits we see the pipeline providing Kentucky.

Recent news stories have given many Kentuckians an incorrect view of this project and what it means for the commonwealth.  We would like to set the record straight and inform you of three important facts about the Bluegrass Pipeline.  Once in operation, it will: