September 2, 2014

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Old Men Rounding Third and Sliding Toward Home

This article is about the Park Board golf outing on June 12, 2013. (My apology for the mixed metaphor.)  But if this piece is to make much sense, I need to explain a couple of things about golf in Pendleton County. First, persons with handicaps get no sympathy from those who are well and healthy and strong. Those who are one-legged, crippled, half-blind, recovering from by-pass surgery, or walking with a cane, are expected to compete with teams who have young bucks who can hit the golf ball over 300 yards, persons like Eric Conrad or Joe Jones. I had called John Steele who runs this event and suggested that my team should be allowed to hit from the women’s tees; and I was serious! I finally hanged up….. he wouldn’t stop laughing!