September 2, 2014

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"Thank you" letter for all who helped with the Butler veterans celebration Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

This is a great thank you for what went on in Butler, Ky., on May 27, 2013 for the Veterans in Pendleton County and all over Kentucky. God, you helped this Dumb-Hillbilly so much to make this a great event. The great lady Mrs. Alice Smith, the mayor of Butler, did so much to help the veterans too. Thank all that helped so this was the greatest day for our Veterans in Butler, Ky. Please don’t let it stop, O.K.?

The awards that were given to the two great W.W.II ladies, Mrs. Ann Delaney and Mrs. Henrietta Manor were so, so great; also two awards were given to veterans from Flour Creek and Butler Baptist. God thank you for waking up some of the American people. This Dumb-Hillbilly would like to thank you from his heart all the great people that helped me for 11 years with the schools in Pendleton County. Please if you read this great Outlook paper, send them a thank you card and say God Bless You all so much. You all know why Pendleton County is #1 in Kentucky for our great veterans who have given all of us our freedom.

Thank you to the great people with their great donations for a great day, May 27, 2013, Butler.

Napier Pallet, Inc., Hilltop Stone – John Steele, P.C.S. Club, Donnie Johnson, Michael Redden, Heritage Bank – Mark, David Bay – B.B’s, Wal-Mart – Alex, Donnie Spencer, John Peoples, John Steele P.C., P.V.A, Karen Yelton, U.S. Bank, 5th/3rd Bank, Brinkman Oil, Wyatt’s, Soldiers of the 478th Ft. Thomas, commander Joel Nahari and the ROTC chaplain Shelby McDowell and the Firing Squad from Post 109 American Legion, Mr. Matt Sorrell, Billy Corbin, Mayor Alice Smith and Comm.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

Bill Ashcraft
#1 Dumb-Hillbilly