September 3, 2014

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Coping with Change

Janice and I recently attended a 1951 class reunion in Breathitt County. Jean Hundley, a member of this class, had written a piece detailing some of the changes she had seen in her lifetime. Jean, at the time when she wrote this piece, was living in Russellville, Ohio; she has since passed on. I asked permission from her son to publish the following, which I have edited slightly. Older persons, in particular, should enjoy this description of change, particularly Mildred Dickison and her cohort.

“As we stand on the brink of a new millennium with fear and excitement, wondering what the future will unfold, I see how far we’ve traveled. In a span of sixty years, I have witnessed drastic changes in economics, medicine, transportation, communication, fashion, and entertainment. Our young computer experts bite their nails and work frantically, as the year 2000 approaches, hoping to avoid a loss of technology that will plunge us backwards into a world they’ve never seen, but we old-timers remember when a mouse was just an unwelcomed rodent!