August 27, 2014

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Poem: N.E.H.S. helps Mother Nature Print E-mail

By: Maxie Kordes

Strolling up and down the hills of 1054 North
we wondered if those that drive really see it worth.

Throwing out their old, worn rugs.
Pitching glass or plastic jugs.

Rolling tires down shallow banks.
Tossing cans from which they drank.

Is this any way to thank, our dear old, Mother Nature?

And then the 5-gallon paint buckets let fly,
four of them, we all wonder "Why?"

A steering wheel cover aside the road,
was it too much of a heavy load?

Cigarette butts sprinkled and dumped.
This has got all of us stumped!

Is there a shortage of garbage cans?
Don't people know that littering is banned?

Only four miles of road did we tread.
Twenty-one people and 42 bags fed.

We apologize to Mother Nature today.
And hope it doesn't end up the same littered, old way.