September 2, 2014

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Sharp Middle School KJHS wins at State

Front row from left: Holley Hart, Gracie Lustenberg, Alyssa Bayless, Cullen Beard, Logan Pennington, Sarah Monroe, Carson Delk, Alex Tillett. Back row: Morgan McKinney, Seth Longworth, Andrew Hicks, Sadie Weaver, Evan Hartzel, Mitchell Brinkdoepke.

The Kentucky Junior Historical Society (KJHS) is an outreach program of the Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) that encourages the youth of Kentucky to appreciate and understand the people, places and events that have given Kentucky its own unique place in history. Since 1961, KJHS has operated through a network of chapters, which are generally organized at the school level and led by a teacher.  The Phillip A. Sharp Middle School Chapter is organized through the GATES program with Mrs. Lustenberg as sponsor.