September 2, 2014

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N.E.H.S. cleans 1054 North Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

On the chilly morning of April 3, Southern Elementary's N.E.H.S. Club had 10 adults and 11 students show up to do our Spring service project of cleaning trash from the roadside. Armed with yellow vests, water, gloves and bags groups separated to clean each of the four miles assigned to us.

The chill wore off quickly as we gathered trash including four five-gallon paint cans, tires, rugs, bottles, cans, bolts, cigarette butts, fast food containers, shoes and even a steering wheel cover. We couldn't believe we filled 42 bags only having four miles! There would have been even more bags of trash if we could have reached into the steep areas along the hillsides. We are not sure what people think when they throw these items out, but obviously the litter thrown out lingers for quite a long time. It destroys the beauty of nature and harms the habitats of the creatures that live there.

N.E.H.S. would like to thank the Pendleton County Fiscal Court and the 109 Board for giving us the opportunity for us although it is under unfortunate circumstances.

Maxie Kordes