September 2, 2014

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Northern Elementary presents "The Unity Tree"

Northern Elementary third graders performed “The Unity Tree” on April 25. The citizens of Catville and Dogburg were once separated by the tree, but it eventually came to be a symbol of their friendly coexistence.

By Roger McKinney, Reporter

Northern Elementary presented a musical by Teresa Jennings called “The Unity Tree" on April 25, 2013. All singing actors were from the elementary school’s third grade. The musical was directed by Northern’s music teacher Melissa Marrota.

On stage a single tree divided two towns: Catville and Dogburg. To the audience’s left in Catville all the feline characters were played by girls. Just below the stage on the left was an all girl chorus. To the audience’s right in Dogburg all the canine characters were played by boys. Just below the stage on the right was an all boy chorus.