August 29, 2014

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The Amish Cook 4-16-13

By: Lovina Eicher

This is a very nice and sunny Thursday with the mercury going over the 50 degree mark on our thermometer.  Susan and I did laundry including some curtains.   Susan hung a lot of the clothes outside taking advantage of this spring-like day.  Earlier this week we had snow flurries.  My husband Joe was off work until April 9. He is also taking advantage of the weather and is hauling manure out of the barn.  Next week the children will be home all week for spring break. Tomorrow is Good Friday so they will be home as well.  I am un-thawing a 12-pound turkey for tomorrow’s dinner. We will have a nice, restful family day.  Daughter Elizabeth will go with Timothy to his parents house for dinner. Mose will be here for dinner and then Susan will go with him to his sister’s house for supper.