August 20, 2014

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PCHS KUNA makes "Giant Leap"

The 2013 Pendleton County High School KUNA delegation dressed in Brazilian and Bolivian native attire as part of the day one global village displays. Pictured from left, front row: Jonah Smith, Ania Zmyslo, Chelsea Brossart, Kaylin Wells, Sidney Brinkdoepke, Makayla Reed, Maya Lustenberg, Mackenzie Moore. Back row: Jacob Nordheim, Robert Hall, Ronica Hutchison, Christine Philpott, Trey Roseberry, Kyle Ruber, David Mains, Stephen Black.

Pendleton County High School students, under the direction of John DeAtley and Michelle Lustenberg, participated in the YMCA Kentucky United Nations Assembly in Louisville from March 14-16.

The students chose to represent the country of Brazil early on this year but as the delegation grew decided to add a second country, Bolivia.