August 28, 2014

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Man's estate donates to every Kentucky animal shelter

Muhlenberg County dairy farmer Bland Hardison's generous donations to Kentucky's animal shelters will help with supplies, operating costs and maintenance. Pendleton County will use the donation to help with the spay and neuter program.

A mild-mannered western Kentucky farmer who never turned away a stray cat left a portion of his estate to every county-run animal shelter in the state.

County officials received checks earlier this month for $1,432.47 from a man they never met, a Muhlenberg County dairy farmer named Bland Hardison.

Hardison died in 2008 at age 86 and had set up in his will a gift for the state's animal shelters, said his widow, Jonell Hardison. In total, Hardison set aside nearly $1 million in donations to various charities upon his death, and the estate took years to settle.