August 29, 2014

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The Falmouth Outlook and Edwardo's Pizza NCAA March Madness contest standings Print E-mail

We're down to the Sweet Sixteen and March Madness is definitely in high gear!

How does your bracket look? Are you still in the running to win The Falmouth Outlook/Edwardo's Pizza NCAA March Madness Contest or did your picks get wiped out?

So far, the contest is close with three people tied for first place (Rick Lockhart, Dennis Seever, Robert Pittman) with 47 points each. Debra Allen is in second place with 46 points while Carla Gruener and Linda Gregg are bringing up third place with 45 points. Rounding out the rest of the top ten are Steven Clifford, Tammy Lockhart, Caleb Sydnor, Kim Dennie and Seth Gregg with 44 points.

We have a long way to go though and anyone could emerge as the winner! Thirty seven people could still claim the top spot! Debra Allen has the most possible points that could be scored with 99 but 20 others could score in the 90's too. Will Gary Oliver (17th), Ron Waters (17th), James Teegarden (21st) or Eddie Rarrieck (21st) come from behind to win it all or will the front runners stay where they are at and claim the prize? Only time and the rest of the tournament games can decide that!

Check back next week to see the updated standings. This should be a wild week of basketball action for fans and those who are still in the running to win the contest!