August 20, 2014

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Roundup drug offenders plea not guilty, bonds set

The newspaper printed in last week's issue in the drug roundup article that it would be following these cases all the way through court to see what punishment is given for their illegal drug activity.

Law enforcement worked for a minimum of three months to apprehend these people. The majority of those appeared in Pendleton District Court on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 and entered the following plea.

Carol Baldwin, 1978. Arr. TICS, 1st deg., 2nd> off, <2 gms heroin. Persistent felony offender. NG plea. Final PTC 5/8. JT 5/17. Discovery ord ent. Bail $2,500, property eligible, cash sub. to restitution.

Arthur Courtney, 1979. Arr. TICS, 2nd deg, 1st off<20 DU. Persistent felony offender, 1st deg. NG plea. Final PTC 5/1. JT 5/10. Discovery ord.

Joseph Dalessandro, 1962. Arr. TICS, 1st deg, 1st off >10 DU. 2 cts. TICS, 2nd deg, 1st off>20 DU. NG plea. Final PTC 5/8. JT 5/17. $7,500/10%, sub. to restitution.