August 22, 2014

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Legislative perspective on Kentucky General Assembly

With only two days remaining to consider possible vetoes and some unresolved issues, the General Assembly completed much of its work this legislative session early last week.

Since the House and Senate only meet for 30 instead of 60 working days in odd-numbered years – and four of those are set aside to elect leaders and appoint committees – we spent the relatively short amount of time we had tackling a fairly long agenda.

Although our work is not done, we were able to pass quite a few bills that should help move the state forward in the months and years ahead.

Governor Beshear has already signed two of those into law.  One would let many of our public universities use their own revenue to build about $363 million worth of projects, with well more than half of that amount going to a new science building at the University of Kentucky and a major upgrade of UK’s Commonwealth Stadium.