August 27, 2014

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Eight more people arrested on drug charges

Eight more people have been arrested, bringing the total to 40 arrested, in conjunction with the drug roundup by the Kentucky State Police, Pendleton County Sheriff's Office and Falmouth Police Department. Follow these arrests and charges in The Falmouth Outlook as we record these cases all the way through and show you what punishment each one is given and their bond amount. The first 32 should be going for arraignment on Wednesday, March 20.

Kari Michelle Ellis, 24, of Grant County, arrested 3/12/13, traff. in cont. sub., 1st. deg., 1st off., 2 gms. meth.

Carol A. Baldwin, 34, of Falmouth, arrested 3/12/13, persistent felony off., 1st deg., traff. in cont. sub., 1st deg., 2nd. off. 2 gms. heroin.