September 2, 2014

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A year later, tornado recovery continues for Schacks

Tornado recovery efforts continue at the farm of Jim and Milissa Schack of California. Friends, family, colleagues and volunteers have spent countless hours helping the family rebuild since March 2, 2012. Pictured above: A group of volunteers from US Bank move a section of barn on the Schack's farm.

By Jackie Vaughn, Reporter

After the demolishing tornadoes of March 2, 2012 ripped through northern Pendleton County, Jim and Milissa Schack of California, Ky. were left with an 80-acre farm that resembled a war zone. Although their home and livestock were spared from the destruction, the land that encompasses them was littered with debris and the destroyed remains of dwellings and other structures.

"We were fortunate not to lose everything we own but the farm was just devastated," said Milissa. "We lost five barns, more than half the fencing for cattle and horses and half the mature trees on the land."