August 29, 2014

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Support Kentucky 4-H when renewing farm license plates

The Kentucky 4-H Foundation is asking farmers across the Commonwealth to step-up and make the “Ag Tag” donation.

Beginning in 2012, Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer announced all farm license plate donations will be split evenly among 4-H, FFA and the Kentucky Proud program, which are vital programs for Kentucky’s youth and Kentucky’s agricultural economy.

In March, farmers can make a voluntary donation of $10 when renewing their farm license plates at the county clerk’s office. With more than 160,000 farm plates bought or renewed each year in Kentucky, the commissioner’s action could generate up to $1.6 million annually.

“I strongly believe that these programs are worthy of your support,” said Agriculture Commissioner James Comer.  “4-H and FFA helps develop our youth, preparing them for career success, teaching leadership, citizenship, and life-skills that equip them to be our future leaders.”