September 1, 2014

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Comer hopeful SB 50 will get a vote in the House

Pictured from left, Agriculture Commissioner James Comer and state senators Robin Webb and Damon Thayer speak to the news media regarding Senate Bill 50 on Thursday in Frankfort. (Kentucky Department of Agriculture photo)

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer told reporters he’s hopeful the industrial hemp bill will get a vote in the Kentucky House of Representatives after the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Paul Hornback, reported that a House leader assured him Senate Bill 50 would get another hearing.

“We’re still hopeful this bill can be brought back up and the people’s voices will be heard by the legislature,” Commissioner Comer said. “That is the role of the General Assembly.”

The measure, which would set up an administrative framework for industrial hemp production in Kentucky, was debated in the House Agriculture and Small Business Committee on Wednesday when committee Chairman Tom McKee blocked a vote on the bill and abruptly recessed the meeting. Rep. McKee promised to reconvene the committee following Wednesday’s session of the full House but instead adjourned the meeting from his desk in the House chamber.