September 2, 2014

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Sen. Katie Stine reviews Kentucky congressional week

Last week, the House leadership refused to address pension reform thus contributing to the insolvency of the plan in an estimated four years. Even after our great efforts in the Senate to set a new tone for bipartisanship, the House leadership has chosen to obstruct and seriously derail this most important effort to save Kentucky from falling over our own fiscal cliff by refusing to adopt the agreed upon pension reform compromise bill, Senate Bill 2. In refusing to even go into conference committee to talk about it, they have failed the taxpayers of Kentucky and at best, have kicked the can down the road to a special session that will cost us $60,000 per day unnecessarily. This is truly unfortunate.  Pension reform is the most pressing issue in this session and to ignore is irresponsible. While SB 2 didn't have everything that we in the Senate wanted, we agreed to it because it was a compromise that had been worked out last summer in a bipartisan fashion. Unless House Leadership use the few remaining days left in this session to come back to the table, their continued inaction will place Kentucky in extreme financial peril!

Having already passed the aforementioned pension bill in the Senate and with eight legislative days left, the Senate debated and passed more education bills as well as legislation to support the electoral process and protect Kentucky from an overreaching federal government.