September 2, 2014

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Old men like toys too.  I have ridden and worked horses all my life.  Dad never had a tractor until I left home after I graduated.  I hated to work the team we had, since all the other boys my age in the neighborhood had tractors.  Today, I would give anything to have the team I hated when I was a boy. Even though I have had many good horses over the years, I guess my favorite would have to be the old mare, Miss Daisy whom I now have.  She is eighteen years old and beginning to show her age.  Miss Daisy and I have had some good times together over the years.  We have been to Texas, Florida, Mississippi, the Carolinas, and perhaps some seven other states. She is dependable in both city and mountains, and is an excellent sidekick.

Horses age in a formula of four years to one in relation to man. So multiply eighteen times four and Miss Daisy is 72 years old.  The Scripture says, and I believe it, that man should “take note” of “three score and ten” which is 70 years old.  Now I know that all of us are not going to drop dead at 70, but life changes drastically at that point.  The commercials on TV boast about 75 year old men becoming young again with a dose of Viagra. This commercial is misleading.  Miss Daisy and I are now in the same age bracket and she understands me and I am comfortable with her.