July 24, 2014

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Legislative perspective on Kentucky General Assembly

When the General Assembly meets in odd-numbered years, it has a much different schedule than it does in those ending in an even number.

The meeting time is 30 rather than 60 days, and the first four of those are set aside just to elect legislative leaders and appoint members to committees.  The bulk of our work doesn’t begin until early February, and it effectively ends a little more than a month later.

That tightened time frame means our schedule fills up quickly, and that was certainly the case last week when my legislative colleagues and I returned to the Capitol on Tuesday.

By the time we had wrapped up our first week of work on Friday, two major priorities were on their way to the state Senate, where they are expected to be received favorably.

On Thursday, the House voted overwhelmingly for legislation that would give many of our public four-year universities the ability to use their own revenue to build a wide array of new or updated facilities.  A significant portion of these projects, which top $360 million, will take place at the University of Kentucky, including major upgrades at Commonwealth Stadium.  Combined, these projects are expected to generate about 5,000 jobs.