August 30, 2014

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George Remus' legacy of a common man who became wealthy to being a common man once again


From Chicago to Cincinnati to Covington to a grave in Falmouth, that was the life journey of George Remus, the 1920's legendary bootlegger. He lived a life as seen in movies. While there may be a skeleton in everyone's closet, there's few to match the one lying in Riverside Cemetery.

While criminals have been known to see the light and change their ways and follow the law, Remus, a Chicago attorney took a different direction. Seeing the money made by the bootleggers he often defended in court, the lawyer decided to use his knowledge of the legal loopholes to his advantage and make himself into a very rich man. His having worked as a pharmacist in Chicago gave him the privilege of a pharmacy permit which entitled him to legally produce a limited amount of alcohol for "medicinal purpose." A perfect starting point for a business in bootlegging.