September 15, 2014

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Former Falmouth Mayor Gene Flaugher laid to rest Print E-mail

This article below is being run again because of some information that was incorrect in the January 29, 2013 issue. The article stated that former Mayor Gene Flaugher had been impeached late in his term. That information was incorrect as he was never impeached. We are sorry for any problem this may have caused.

Former Falmouth Mayor Elbert "Gene" Flaugher, 82, of Falmouth passed away on January 21, 2013. Black bows were placed on all city buildings the week of January 21 in his honor.

Flaugher served as mayor from 1999 through 2005. When he came in there was still much destruction caused by the flood. He had his work cut out for him."I laugh sometimes when I think of Gene as mayor," said Terry England. "I say he was kind of a cosmetic mayor. In that he was very meticulous about every thing in the city looking pretty and nice. He was responsible for the city welcome sign on KY 22 East coming into the city. He had the city workers to keep flowers at both welcome signs to the city. He just wanted everything kept clean.

"We saw a very different side of him that others may not have always seen," said England. "Gene was a very giving person, kind and very considerate of others. He was a great boss for my staff and was always supportive of us and treated us with the utmost respect."

Pendleton County Judge/ Executive Henry Bertram said "I found Flaugher always willing to communicate with me or what good he could do for the city. He always kept the city of Falmouth in his foresight. We always had a good working relationship. I could always depend on him."

"Gene was very instrumental for getting many of the grants the city got after the flood," said Dan Woodhead.

"He really cared a lot for the city and the downtown area," said Community Development Director Bill Mitchell. "He was a lot of support when I needed something. Both Flaugher and Bertram got the largest grant ever got here for two million dollar sewer grant. Flaugher also got a 1.2 million grant to revitalize the downtown area when he was mayor."

Gene knew many lawmakers and others serving in Frankfort and he went to them when his city or community needed something.

Early on Flaugher served 16 years on the Pendleton County School Board and was very dedicated to making the schools in Pendleton County better.

"Gene told you what he was going to do and he did it. You didn't have to remind him about it. He never did a halfway job on anything. He had a good business mind," said Outlook editor Debbie Dennie. "He gave a 110% on any project he undertook.

"I remember how he use to drive around town, early in the morning, midday or evening. Residents would say to him why are you always driving around town so many trips? His reply to them was he was watching for city workers not doing their job and if he saw that then he knew the community would see that."

Gene had a kind heart and would often spend his money he got as mayor, plus some of his own money, on someone that was in need of something.

He was known quite well throughout the community. He had driven a milk truck picking up milk at local dairy farms.

He and his wife were active members of Falmouth Baptist Church and he will be sorely missed in the community.