August 22, 2014

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"Whatever happened to Matthew Flairty?" Print E-mail

By Jackie Vaughn, Reporter

Friends, family members, colleagues and other people we meet and have the opportunity to get to know come and go during the course of a lifetime. Sometimes they are with us throughout all our years and other times for just a short while. We often keep in touch with these people through visits, phone calls, letters and e-mails while other times we're left scratching our heads and asking, "What in the world ever happened to 'so and so'?" The Falmouth Outlook hopes to help you  remember, find and reconnect with some of these people with a periodically published column titled "Whatever Happened To...?"

So let's get started. Whatever happened to Matthew Flairty?

Flairty, a 2004 graduate of Pendleton County High School and the valedictorian of his class, went on to attend college at the University of Louisville where he majored in Political Science. He was a recipient of the Mitch McConnell Scholarship, a prestigious award granted to only ten people each year in the state of Kentucky. While attending Louisville, Flairty had the opportunity to visit China, Rome and London as part of a program geared toward learning government procedures and cultures. He also had the opportunity to meet key governmental figures such as Ted Kennedy, George W. Bush, Joe Leiberman and John Roberts. Flairty worked with state and local government, Louisville City Council and did his internship for State Representative Tom Burch before graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2008.

After enduring such a laborious four years of college, Flairty decided to take a year off.

"I wanted to get some real world experience," said Flairty. "I managed an upscale bistro from which I learned a lot about business."

It was during this time that Flairty decided what he wanted to do next. He applied and was accepted to the University of California, Berkeley where he embarked on a three-year program in law school. He graduated in May 2012 and is now currently residing in Oakland.

"Oakland is a great town," said Flairty. "It's an underdog town with a resilient spirit. You find yourself rooting for it. I believe it has a bright future."

While attending Berkeley, there was yet another opportunity to travel for Flairty. He attended an international competition for law school students in Vienna, Austria which hosted 306 teams from 80 different countries. There, he was named one of the top 5% of speakers.

In July of 2012, Flairty put his education to the test and took the California Bar Exam. It is a three-day test that almost half of the people who attempt do not pass. In November, he was informed that he had succeeded in his efforts. He was sworn in as a lawyer on December 7 and recently began his career as a litigator with Bingham - McCutchen L.L.P., an old, distinguished law firm based out of Boston that represents several Fortune 500 companies.

When Flairty isn't studying, practicing law or preparing for the next obstacle in his life, he enjoys hiking, running, exercising, fishing for crab, outdoor activities, cooking and wine tasting.

He also got engaged to Alexandra Stathopoulos in March of 2012 and a January 2014 wedding is being planned.

"I met myself a good San Francisco girl," said Flairty. "We went to school together and things just kind of escalated from there."

Flairty's fiancee is also a practicing attorney.

Even though he has left Pendleton County and moved on to bigger and better things, Flairty hasn't forgotten where he comes from and who got him where he is today.

"Pendleton County was so instrumental in making me who I am," stated Flairty. "It shows just how transformative education can be. It all starts when you're young and good teachers like the ones I had help fan the flames and mold you into who you will become in the future. Michelle Hickey, Pat Barnes, Carlena Caldwell and others saw potential in me and pushed me to the next level."

Although Flairty won't be returning to his old hometown to take up occupancy anytime in the near future, he holds Pendleton County in his heart.

"It just will always be home to me," said Flairty. "I love the people, the rolling hills, the beautiful scenery and the down to earth atmosphere. It's where I'm from. It's where my roots are. It's where my positive outlook comes from. It will always be with me."

Flairty is the son of Mike and  Theresa Flairty of Butler.

Congratulations Matthew on your achievements so far and good luck as you open a new chapter in your life. Pendleton County is behind you and rooting you on!