August 30, 2014

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Some more of the challenges of getting older

I have had some health problems in recent weeks that have hampered me in writing; namely, vision and memory. And a strange malady that I will label “dyslexia.” I was writing an article and the person whom I was interviewing by phone told me three times…clearly…the name of his son and I wrote the father’s name instead. Embarrassing!

And, I have, as I said, problems with my memory. I saw a movie with some friends and cannot remember a single scene. Janice said, “No wonder, you were asleep!” I struggle to remember names and what I have written, so writing is becoming an increasing challenge. But, I can still remember names when I make a conscious effort, and I can still memorize long passages from the Bible or a poem just about as efficiently as when I was younger. Therefore I am not overly worried about my memory.