September 3, 2014

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Snow created a winter wonderland

This winding lane just south of Falmouth was beautiful with all the snow hanging on the trees and the roadway covered. Photo by D. Dennie.

By Debbie Dennie, Editor

Excuse the snow pictures but due to early deadlines during the holidays for printing the newspaper we are a week behind on the snow news and even though it was so aggravating with the power outages we wanted to say a little about the beautiful wonderland the snow created.  The trees and everything else standing were beautiful weighted down with all of the snow and looked like one of those photos out of a cozy little area all glistening with the white snow that had fallen overnight. The children and one adult we know of got to make snowmen. Others stepped back in time using kerosene lamps and stoves and the big decision came when those using generators had to choose one or two things that could be hooked up to the generator. There was also a perfect opportunity to have some of the snow creme.