August 22, 2014

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Student thanks Jones for coming Print E-mail

Dear people that read The Falmouth Outlook,

Nate Jones, the pitcher of the Chicago White Sox (in major league baseball who's number is 65) came to our school, Southern Elementary. He did this because his sister Lisa Cooper invited him.

He talked to Miss Antrobus' and Mrs. Cooper's class to get them motivated for MAP testing. He also brought games for us to play with him.

Nate told us how important it is to do good on our MAP test in a fun way. I hit a ball out of the park because of him when I tested this year!

Mrs. Cooper's and Miss Antrobus' classes just wanted to thank him for coming to our classroom and for getting us pumped up for MAP testing.

Thanks Nate!


An SES 4th grade student,
Emily Cobb