September 2, 2014

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Donate gently used phones, personal computing devices Print E-mail

Is Santa bringing you or someone in your family an upgraded tablet or smartphone this holiday season?  If so, we have a great idea for your old devices!!

The Pendleton County School District is in the process of a yearlong Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) pilot initiative in which we are encouraging students to bring their own Wi-Fi enabled computing device into the district to use in class as an instructional tool. The pilot began at the beginning of the school year for grades 4-12.

As the pilot has progressed, however, we've found that many students in the district do not HAVE a personal computing device to bring in and use. Some of those students, no doubt, will receive a tablet or smartphone as a present over the holidays, as these are hot items on many people's lists, but there will still be a fairly large number of students who do NOT have a device of their own when school resumes in January.

That's where the community can help out! The district is asking for anyone in the community who UPGRADES a smart phone or tablet in the near future to consider donating your old device to the Pendleton County School District. Compared to your new device, the old one might not seem like much of a treasure, but if it can access Wi-Fi, students and teachers in the district can utilize it in class as a learning tool.

And here's the really exciting part for some people: These donations are tax deductible! That's right. If you itemize your tax deductions, you can 1) get rid of a piece of technological "junk," 2) keep the device out of a landfill, where the battery would most likely poison the ground, 3) save money on your taxes AND 4) help the school district educate children in an interactive way!

So consider making a tax-deductible donation of a gently used smart phone or tablet today. Devices can be dropped off at any school.  Please make sure to include the charger with the device so we can continue to use them.  Please do not send in broken phones or personal devices.  We are also not able to take old computers and/or monitors.

Finally, if you don't have an old smart phone or tablet to donate to the district, maybe someone you know does! The teachers and students of the Pendleton County School District thank you.