August 23, 2014

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Northcutt Acres is alive with zonkeys and other unique farm animals

The two female zebra donkeys, zonkeys, shown above, belong to Randy and Tina Northcutt at Northcutt Acres in Harrison County. They are only two of the many unique animals found on the 400-acre farm. Photo by Jessie Beckett.

Everyone knows how in the Christmas story Mary rode to Bethlehem on a donkey. In another time and place, she might have been riding a zonkey (zebra donkey) like those at Northcutt Acres just south of Anticoch Mills Christian Church on U.S. 27. The 400-acre farm with its bright red and white barns is the hobby of Randy and Tina Northcutt.  Their hobby consists of two zebra donkeys, two miniature horses, two llamas, four piglets, four donkeys, 70 head of Belted Galloway cattle, a buffalo and one Pyrenees Mountain dog who stays out on the hills with the cattle guarding them against coyotes.