September 1, 2014

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What it is the true meaning of being an American veteran?

The life altering decision to join the military comes with much that is never heard nor seen by the general public.  Much of this commitment is both physically and mentally life altering. For many veterans’, they carry their memories internally within their head and may on occasion share them with friends, family or in general conversation. Many do not! So, what does it mean to be a veteran?

Being a veteran means lying in your bedroom all night in fear as an 18 year old without sleeping knowing that you’re shipping off to Parris Island, South Carolina to start your Marine Corps career in a few hours.

Being a veteran means having your heart beat well beyond its MHR (maximum heart rate) as that first drill instructor steps on the bus screaming at an octave you’ve never heard before and telling you that you have ten seconds to get off of the bus and line up on the little yellow footprints outside of the bus.