September 3, 2014

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Oakland's "Walk Through Bethlehem" Print E-mail

This holiday season we invite you to take a trip with us at the Oakland Christian Church (Pendleton County, 149 Oakland Church Road) and experience the true Spirit of Christmas. Your trip will take you on an outdoor adventure to first century Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born.

As you enter the city, allow the sights, sounds and smells to carry you to a period of time that changed the world. Journey through the heart of the city to the marketplace that is bustling with activity at authentic shops; enjoy samples from the baker's shop, marvel at the potter's crafts and listen for the rumor of a king's birth from excited townspeople.  Beware of the Roman soldiers though! They are just looking for an excuse to arrest someone!

After you make your way down the market, make a stop at the Inn, and the Synagogue, and then venture on to a moonlit field where you find shepherds watching their sheep and hear angels singing. Continue your journey to the Nativity where a very special baby was born in the stable. Meet Mary & Joseph and hear their joy expressed in song. See royally robed Magi and hear how they journeyed from far away in search of this heavenly King. Finally, your journey will end at the cross where you’ll meet Nicodemus and an angel as they proclaim the “reason for the season”.

"Walk Through Bethlehem 2012” is Oakland's holiday "gift" to the community. Many families will take their children to see Santa Claus at the mall this year. We invite you to bring them to Oakland where they can discover the real side of Christmas by taking a “Walk Through Bethlehem”.

Prior to your tour, you will meet in the sanctuary and listen to special guest singers who are bound to stir your heart.  (Remember to dress warmly.)  This special event will be held on November 24, 25, and December 1 & 2 with tours being held 6:00-8:30 p.m. each evening. For more information contact the church at 859-654-6174 or 606-782-0930.  (Be sure to check us out on Facebook, also.)