August 23, 2014

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CovCath fan impressed by Wildcats Print E-mail

Mr. Smith,

I felt compelled to email you and your football staff to let you know that in my many years of being around high school football I have not seen a more dedicated and determined team than your varsity football squad.  I know the time, effort and dedication it takes to coach and play a high school sport. So while watching the Pendleton County versus CovCath varsity football game on recently, I realized the amount of true heart your football program exemplified on that field.

As a CovCath football father, I was able to witness a victory for your team.  The score made it seem as if your team was overmatched on the football field, however, I can honestly say that in my mind there was no way their hearts were overmatched.  Those 20 something teammates and their coaches played and coached with pride and dignity down to the last second of that game.  They never gave up, they never hung their heads and they hustled more than a lot of the other teams we have faced this year.  They earned a lot of respect from the Covington Catholic faithful.

As I stated the may not have had a victory on the score board but they sure did have a victory in being upstanding sportsmen with plenty of heart!  So from a CovCath father/fan to your Pendleton County varsity football Wildcats, congratulations!

I am sure that your school, the kids parents, their coaches and teachers are very proud of these young men. However, I truly hope they are proud of themselves and continue to hold their heads up high!

Thank you for your time.

Ray Ledonne