August 21, 2014

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Senator Katie Stine’s Frankfort congressional review

With the departure of Senate President David Williams, my colleagues elected me as acting senate co-chair of the Legislative Research Commission. The LRC is a 16-member panel consisting of the Democratic and Republican leaders from the senate and House of Representatives. The panel serves as the administrative and research arm of the General Assembly. As acting co-chair, I have the authority to approve the in-state and out-of-state expenses for members of the Senate until such a time that the Senate elects a new president in January. As senate president pro-tem, this is a natural role for me and I look forward to upholding the high standards of the office while ensuring that our fiscal house is in order.

In addition, we had two legislative meetings this week. The Special Subcommittee on Energy met on Monday at the enter for Applied Energy Research at the University of Kentucky. The executive director for the center briefed committee members. We learned that China buys much of our intellectual property in the energy research field and because of less government regulations, they can refine the knowledge and have put it to practical use. I am continually frustrated by the many ways the administration in Washington, D.C. stymies job-creators.