September 3, 2014

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Kincaid Regional Theatre presents "A Country Christmas Carol" Print E-mail

Kincaid Regional Theatre will be presenting "A County Christmas Carol" from December 1 - 27 at the Falmouth School Center.

“A Country Christmas Carol” is the classic Dickens’ story of Ebenezer Scrooge set in typical small town U.S.A. where Ebenezer is the banker, owner of the hotel and half of the other real estate in town He is a mean, miserly grouch who generally hates anything that has to do with Christmas. The widow, Bobbie Jo Cratchit, is Ebenezer’s hard working secretary who has to support her two small children, Jane and Tim. Dwight, Ebenezer’s nephew, has a slight drinking problem and spends more time singing and playing guitar that he does trying to find a job. Lavinia, the hotel proprietor, tries her best to help everyone keep the Christmas spirit in a town where times are hard and money is short.  Virgil, the handy man, Doris, the Kiddy Choir Director, Radio Man, the Emcee of the Christmas Talent Show and Linda Lee, a sassy young waitress are other characters that add excitement and comedic relief to the story.  All of this is topped off with Christmas carols and songs with a country-western flare that will have everyone smilin’, laughin’ and singin’ along.  “A Country Christmas Carol” is just what you need to get the old Christmas Spirit going this season.  For ticket information and reservations, call the office at 859-654-2636 or go on line at