August 29, 2014

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It's time to make decisions as election time draws nearer Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

Election time is getting closer and it is time to really think about who to vote for. I am supporting President Obama only as the lesser of two evils. I don't feel he has done anything good for our country in four years, but I also don't think he will do as much damage as his opponent will do. I did not feel either one of them had anything of value to say in the last debate, with one exception.  When asked the "AK-47 question, President Obama pointed out that it is more important to go after the cause of the gun violence, than go after the   guns.  As for Governor Romney, when he started talking about his economic plan, and his ideas for manipulating the tax system to help our economy, it just sounded confusing. I understood what he was saying, I am just confused about how it will help. It won't!

As for more problems with Romney, I heard him say he will not raise taxes. While this is a statement that could get him elected, I just wonder if I should read his lips when he says that.  { Reference: Former President George H Bush Campaign. (Older folks explain it to the younger ones.)}  Mitt Romney has been heard saying that he is not worried about poor people because there are things in place to take care of them. I guess he must be talking about homeless shelters and soup kitchens that they have in the big cities. There is also the comment he made about 47% of Americans that he does not care about and will do nothing for.  That leaves 53% that he may do something for.

Are you one of the 53%? How can you be sure? What if you think you are, and it turns out Mitt Romney doesn't?  Do you want to take that chance? Finally on the 47% statement, I would like to point out that whoever is elected is the president of all Americans, not just his chosen few.

When either candidate talks about middle class Americans, they seem to usually use a dollar figure of around $200,000.00 to $250,000.00 a year. How far off from reality are these rich people? How many average working people do you know that make that much?     I think all politicians need a reality check when it comes to money.

Remember to vote. Every vote counts. I just wish we could vote for the best candidate, instead of the lesser of two evils.

Daniel Insko