August 21, 2014

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Citizen complaint against Northern Pendleton FD Print E-mail

Dear Editor,

I am sending you this letter because I have written a similar one to Northern Pendleton Fire Chief and as of this date he has not responded. I also sent James Daly and Mr. Hart a copy of that letter.

On May 21, 2012, I called 911 and N. Pendleton Fire Dept. squad responded along with Pendleton Co. paramedics. My husband, Dennis, had a heart attack. His symptoms were pain in his left shoulder blade running down his left arm; he felt extremely hot, dizzy/shaking uncontrollably and was grey around his mouth. Denny is 66 years old but in normal circumstances, looks 10 years younger.  On this day, he looked like a 95 yr. old man and was treated as such.

The paramedics were disregarded by N. Pendleton Co. Fire Dept. and I had to tell their crew three times that this was not normal for Dennis, he needs to go to St. E. South. They had said his vitals were normal and kept asking  a man having a heart attack (three times) if he thought he needed to go to the hospital just to be checked out. Dennis was finally asked if he could stand up to get on the cot by himself, which he did. The people N. Pendleton Co. Fire Dept. sent could not load him; he weighs 180 lbs.!!! They thought he may have been overheated since he had been on a ladder cleaning the gutters. I am not trained in any medical field with the exception of being CPR certified. When Dennis called me at work and told me his symptoms, I suspected a heart attack, although he had never before had heart problems.. I told him to take 2-3 aspirin, sit down; I was only 20 minutes away. N. Pendleton Fire Dept. finally transported him to St. E. South.

The hospital was very busy; a nurse started doing her job and suddenly there were seven people working on my husband. Dr. Jordan said, “Mr. Trimble, you are having a heart attack, we are taking you to surgery”. I heard a nurse say “Northern Pendleton brought him in and they don’t have one”. What is it that N. Pendleton Co. Fire Dept. does not have for a heart attack patient?

Dennis still has an artery that is 50% blocked; what if this happens again? We live on the Falmouth/Butler line, most people think we are Butler; we are not! I realize that re-districting is out of the question, if not, please put us in the Pendleton Co. District where they have paramedics. Another suggestion is: if I call 911, send your squad but, if the situation is as serious as the one on May 21, 2012, your crew relinquish their rights and let the paramedics decide what treatment will be given to the patient. Paramedics do have more credentials than EMT’s. Please advise us if this won’t work, we intend to self-transport to Falmouth.

I feel we were trapped in a politically motivated situation which could have cost my husband his life. Being territorial in a life or death situation is not good politics to me. I have received a bill for your service and we are refusing to pay it. Our home owner’s insurance (Farm Bureau, Steve Ammerman) has paid $498.05 (which should be refunded) to N.P. Co. Fire Dept. and they want $124.52 more for a Taxi Cab??? We didn’t need a ride, we needed HELP!!!

Pat Trimble