September 1, 2014

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Future Ladycats, intramural basketball registration begins Print E-mail

This past week, registration forms for both the Future Ladycats and HS Intramural Basketball leagues were distributed at the schools.  Both league practices will start at the end of October with first games starting in November.  For the first time, both leagues are set to run at a different time than the youth boys’ league which will start after Christmas.

“When we were setting down and putting together a calendar for the recreation leagues for the entire year, it hit us that the past schedules put young girls and their parents in a tight spot.”  New Pendleton County Recreation Director Keith Smith explained.

That tight spot was a 1st, 2nd, elementary age girl having to choose between basketball cheerleading or basketball playing.  With boys’ youth basketball, where generally the cheerleaders performed, running concurrently with the girls’ youth basketball league parents had a tough choice.  Either letting their daughters play both, doubling their cost as well as the amount of time they were running to practices/games, or make their 8-year old daughter make pick one.

“That was not a choice that I felt comfortable with making young girls and their parents have to make.”  Smith explained.  “Recreational sports should be about PROVIDING opportunities for our youth, not limiting them.”

As a result, the Future Ladycat youth basketball league will run before Christmas concurrently with the HS intramural league.  The Future Wildcat youth basketball league for elementary age boys will run after Christmas concurrently with the MS intramural league.  Basketball Cheerleading will be with the Future Wildcat youth basketball league.

No hard choices have to be made and young ladies through elementary age can play basketball and cheerlead and find out which one they like and are better at.

Registration forms can be found in several locations if one did not find its’ way home with your child.  They can be picked up at the Griffin Fitness Center at PCHS.  They are listed three times at the Pendleton County web page,

They are also found at the PCHS Athletics Forms page