August 20, 2014

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Bill Adkins running for Congress in next election Print E-mail

Bill Adkins is a father, family man, small business owner and proud American.  He was raised in Eastern KY coal country and worked hard to get a college education.  He held down many different jobs until finally graduating from law school.  It is that struggle that adds to his passion to make sure our middle class remains strong and our children have access to affordable education and opportunities.

Bill believes America’s middle class has long been under assault by special interests. Middle class citizens don’t have paid lobbyists protecting their interests – billion dollar corporations do. Without a strong middle class, the nation can’t survive. Bill will work for solutions to help defend and rebuild America’s middle class.

Bill will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. He believes that we must stop the radical agenda that calls for balancing our budget on the backs of our seniors, an agenda that would deny seniors and children necessary health care, an agenda that would deny seniors peace of mind and security.

Bill Adkins will fight to protect veterans’ benefits, provide and improve health care and mental health services for service men and women.

Higher education is one more component in a successful economy. More investment in facilities for training and education in technology, medical fields, manufacturing, welding and trades is necessary to develop a skilled and ready workforce. There are opportunities for good jobs throughout the 4th District, but we must provide our citizens the training for the skills they need to take advantage of those opportunities.

Adkins has been a member of the Grant County Democratic executive committee for 12 years, and he has chaired the committee from 2008 to present.  He has made a career out of working hard and building a small business–not your typical Washington politician.

He is a fighter who will protect Medicare and Social Security, maintain services for veterans, will help insure children have access to quality medical care and a good education. In addition, his mission is to address the economy, maintain infrastructure, fund education and promote job creation. Bill Adkins will protect your interests in Congress. For more information, please visit Bill Adkins’ website at