August 30, 2014

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Fall Craft Ideas 10-2 Print E-mail

Nutty Boats

Set sail with this quick and easy craft - From FamilyFun Magazine

Hold a regatta on your tabletop with these simple walnut ships whose colorful leaf sails come courtesy of the fall season.


• Walnut shell

• Leaf

• Twig

• Clay

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour


For each, you'll need an intact half of a walnut shell (see our tip below).

Thread a leaf onto a twig for a mast and a sail. Secure the mast to the inside of the shell with a small ball of clay.


To open a walnut without breaking the shell (an adult's job), hold it steady on a cutting board, insert the tip of a flat head screwdriver or a butter knife into the flat end of the seam, and carefully pry the halves apart.


Pine Cone Swag

Welcome Thanksgiving guests with this bright seasonal decoration - by Deborah Way From Family Fun Magazine

Add rustic cheer to your front door with a colorful gathering of painted Pine cones.


• Pine cones

• Acrylic paint

• Pliers

• Wire nippers

• 18-gauge copper wire

• Hot glue

• Fabric ribbon

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening


Pine Cone Swag Thanksgiving Craft Step 1 Collect several large pine cones and dab some of them with acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry.

Use pliers and wire nippers to twist 18-gauge copper wire into a 1-inch loop for each Pine cone. Hot-glue the rings to the stem ends of the pine cones, taking care to cover the pointy ends of the wire in glue, as shown.

Tie varying lengths of ribbon to the rings, then tie all the ribbons together in a knot at the top.