August 22, 2014

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Sheep - A part of the early heritage of our county

What better way for our children to learn about early life in our county and how our pioneers got their food and where their clothing came from than watching heritage demonstrations at the Kentucky Wool Festival. They can visit the sheep tent and see how sheep and their wool were an important part of that life.

By Karen Hyden

Some things never change and sometime that can be a good thing, such as with the Kentucky Wool Festival. It's grown and it's even been sanctioned as Kentucky's official wool festival, but the homespun and homegrown flavoring has not changed since it first began in October of 1983. From its simple beginnings within the city of Falmouth to its expansion at its new home near Kincaid Lake State Park the pure delight of it continues year after year.

In the beginning and still today there are a few simple goals the Kentucky Wool Festival folks attempt to accomplish each year which include, but are not limited to: holding an annual event that takes place the 1st full weekend every October; being unique; promoting sheep, wool products, and the local community; having heritage demonstrations going on throughout the festival; offering activities for all age groups and maintaining a family oriented atmosphere; providing an opportunity for community and school organizations, crafts people, and individuals to raise money as an alternative of door to door sales or fund raising drives; entertaining the public by providing an environment where the people can meet, have fun, hear live music, and learn about our history.