August 30, 2014

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Alexandra Duff runs for Falmouth City Council Print E-mail

My name is Alexandra "Ali" Duff and I am running for Falmouth City Council. I chose to make Pendleton County my home four years ago and bought my first house in Falmouth in 2009. Though most would say I am "new" to this town, my foundations were planted here from birth 28 years ago. Despite being raised in Cincinnati, there wasn't a holiday or special occasion that wasn't spent here in Falmouth. As a child, I have many fond memories of petting the sheep at the Wool Fest, ice cream at Dairy Queen, sleepovers at grandma's on South Liberty, Sunday mass at St. Xavier and visits to the old family farm on 17.

For the past five years I have served as a high school teacher her in Pendleton County. I came to the county directly from Berea College where I earned my B.A. in English Education. It was there that I was instilled with the values of hard work and service to my community. I have since earned my Master's degree in Reading and Writing from Georgetown College and am currently working towards my Rank one through University of the Cumberlands.

Because of my background in education, I have a firm belief that education is the key to the growth of our city. This is why I fully support bringing Gateway to Falmouth. Educating our citizens will bring great growth and economic development. When asked why I decided to run for council the answer was simple. I must be a part of the change I want to see. I believe we must put our efforts into improving our downtown business district, attracting more industry, and working together to create a safer community. While I understand that all the city's problems can't be solved overnight, I believe it will take fresh and innovative ideas to create growth without increasing spending. We must be creative and think of new ways to efficiently make our city even better. This is why I am asking you to vote for Alexandra Duff on November 6. Vote for a new generation for Falmouth City Council.

Alexandra Duff